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An International Journal for the History of Science and Technology

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An International Journal
for the History of
Science and Technology



HoST is an on-line journal devoted to the History of Science and Technology. It explores the cultural and social dimensions of science and technology in history across the world.

HoST is edited in Lisbon by a group of Portuguese historians of science and technology but it aims to publish contributions from scholars worldwide and reach an international audience. It only accepts papers in English as a strong commitment to cross-cultural dialogue. We consider internationalization to be the proper route to nurture a sustainable community dedicated to the History of Science and Technology in a small country of the European periphery.

HoST is peer-reviewed and it is published twice a year, in spring (May) and in fall (November). The spring issue is thematic. Each number typically includes four research papers, ten book reviews and a classic revisited. A section on work-in progress is also included.

HoST hosts each year in the beginning of June an international workshop on a relevant subject both for the Portuguese and international community of historians of science and technology. The workshop works as the main supplier of the thematic spring issue.

HoST subscribers have full access to new issues on its website. After the coming out of a new issue all the contents of the previous one are totally accessible online for non-subscribers. HoST joins Open Access journals' effort to enhance the global circulation of knowledge.

HoST has a pdf edited version which can be downloaded from the website. Thus, the readers who so prefer may produce their own paper support version of HoST.

Subscriptions and submissions

HoST is a peer-reviewed journal. Direct queries, manuscripts and books for review to:
Tiago Saraiva
Instituto de Ciências Sociais
Av. Prof Aníbal Bettencourt, 9
1600-189 Lisboa - Portugal

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  • Tiago Saraiva - Editor-in-chief (Institute of Social Sciences - University of Lisbon)
  • Ana Cardoso de Matos (University of Évora)
  • Ana Carneiro (Faculty of Sciences and Technology - New University of Lisbon)
  • Ana Simões (Faculty of Sciences - University of Lisbon)
  • Henrique Leitão, (Faculty of Sciences - University of Lisbon)
  • Maria Paula Diogo, (Faculty of Sciences and Technology - New University of Lisbon)

Advisory Board

  • [to be announced]

Sponsoring Institutions

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