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 Thesaurus of Scientific Instruments in Portuguese Language

In 2006, 12 museums from Portugal and Brazil formed an international network to produce a 'Thesaurus of Scientific Instruments in Portuguese'. This research project will enable all museums from Portuguese-speaking countries to controle and normalise scientific instrument terminology. This important and pioneer tool will be delivered in 2011. The project, coordinated by the MAST (Rio de Janeiro) and the MCUL (Lisbon), is supported by FCT from Portugal and CNPq from Brazil.

Optical Bench (detail), MCUL Inv. 272


The project of the Thesaurus of Scientific Instruments in Portuguese relies on the the joint participation of the following museums and scientific institutions of Brazil and Portugal:


GF-MCUC: Gabinete de Física

Centro de Memória da Engenharia

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Updated: October 2010